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What should I do if the vehicle radio signal is poor?

update: 2019-07-14 7403

Driving on the road, in addition to listening to the whole music to cultivate the sentiment, then listen to the radio, by the way to understand the real-time road conditions, but this car radio is not worrying, the signal is poor, sometimes only receive two Still not clear... Many riders are very confused, so how can they not receive the number, not to mention the stereo sound. Let Xiaobian tell everyone how to do it!

Analysis of the reasons why the vehicle radio cannot receive the signal:

1. The radio receives the broadcast signal through the antenna, and the receiving quality of the signal is affected by many factors. For example, the signal in the mountain, tunnel, high-rise, magnetic field or signal difference is blocked or interfered, which makes the radio unable/hard to receive the signal.
2. In a bad weather environment such as cloudy, rainy, foggy, snowy days, the radio signal is worse than the normal environment.
3. When the vehicle is equipped with some equipment that has not passed the relevant electromagnetic compatibility test (such as some driving recorders, car phone chargers, etc.), the internal circuits of these devices will radiate large interference signals to the outside, which will affect Go to the radio to receive the station normally.

1. As long as there is no environmental interference, normal radio can be used to indicate that there is no problem with the radio.
2. In some areas with weak signals, the frequency band can be adjusted by manually adjusting the frequency band, but this may be accompanied by noise.
3. If you find that the receiving effect is worse after adding a device or the individual stations cannot receive it, you should stop using the device.
4. Under no circumstances can you receive the radio. Please go to the local Geely 4s store to check if the radio and antenna are normal.