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Handheld Radio needs to apply for procedures

update: 2018-06-13 7184

Whether it is a radio intercom, or a variety of handheld mobile phones, all belong to the scope of radio.

In accordance with the general requirements, should go to the radio management agencies to set up the use of procedures. However, since the latter leaves the telephone network (including the base station equipment) can not work, and this network must be managed by a telecommunications operator, in order to facilitate the management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state to operate the mobile phone network to take special management Way, that is, users of mobile phones do not need to handle the use of radio procedures, only by the mobile phone network operators to apply for network base station setup procedures, and pay the frequency occupancy fee, in accordance with state regulations, the original by the use of mobile phones The frequency of occupation fees are also paid by the mobile phone network operators to pay.

The use of radio intercom is different, there is no dependency between users, although the current part of the user's social security is also large, but the objective factors that it can not be unified for the formalities, the current can only be handled by the user alone, the use of procedures.