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Why can't I use two way radio at will?

update: 2018-06-05 6890

Like all public roads in a car, all two way radios share the same radio spectrum. Without scientific management, there will be mutual interference and even major accidents. Therefore, the world attaches great importance to the management and coordination of radio waves. During World War II, international cooperation in the world basically stopped. However, radio management in the world has always maintained normal coordination, and the importance of radio wave management can be seen.

Government department core tips:
1. Misuse of radio punished by up to 5,000
The Radio Administration Bureau stated that if radio stations are illegally used in the future, the radio station will be confiscated and the maximum penalty is 5,000 yuan. After the implementation of the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Public Security Administration Punishments" in January 2006, the lighter will be detained for 15 days in accordance with relevant regulations, and those responsible for serious crimes will be held criminally liable.
2. Use radio stations to go through three levels
In order to qualify for the use and operation of amateur radio stations in the country, it is necessary to pass three levels in order to use amateur radio stations within the frequency bands specified by the State:
3. First join the Radio Sports Association?
Obtained "Amateur Radio Operation Certificate of the People's Republic of China" through self-study and training
4. Go to radio management agencies testing equipment, in line with amateur radio machine requirements issued to the "People's Republic of China amateur radio license", each license will have a corresponding call sign.