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Classification of cell phone repeater

update: 2018-06-01 7341

As the mobile phone signal is through the transmission of electromagnetic waves to establish a communication connection. Due to the constraints of the building or terrain conditions, especially in some tall buildings inside, basement and other places, inevitably some base station signal can not cover the phenomenon of communication blind spots, thus affecting the phone call quality. Repeater is to achieve "small capacity, large coverage" and the design of the product, is to solve the extension of communication network coverage of the preferred program. The use of repeater is to extend the coverage of the network without increasing the number of base stations, and its cost is much lower than the microcell system with the same effect. It is easy to cover the blind and weak areas, such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, karaoke OK, sauna, airport, terminal, station, gymnasium, gymnasium, Entertainment, subway, tunnels, highways, islands and other places, improve the quality of communications, to solve dropped calls and other issues.

There are several ways to divide the repeater, the following are common:
1.From the transmission signal points are GSM repeater, CDMA repeater, WCDMA repeater;
2.From the installation site to the sub-room and indoor machine;
3.From the transmission bandwidth to a broadband repeater, frequency selection (election channel) repeater, three system repeater.