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The introduction of vehicle radio

update: 2019-03-27 7502

Vehicle radio radio is a can be installed in vehicles, ships, aircraft and other vehicles directly on the power supply by the vehicle, and the use of cars, boats, machine antenna wireless walkie-talkie, mainly for transportation, production scheduling, security command, And other business. Its larger, the power of not less than 10W, usually 25W. The maximum power is 56W for VHF and 50W for UHF. The power supply of the vehicle is 13.8V, and the communication distance can reach more than 20 kilometers. In the wireless communication network, the communication distance through the turntable is obviously increased, up to several kilometers.

The platform is a regular communication tool that can be used to contact others. Compared with the mobile phone, the car does not depend on the existing telecommunications network, each communication network does not need to cost. More importantly, the use of the platform is not restricted, even to the barren hills and wild places, the phone is no signal, loaded with vehicles between the vehicles can still keep in touch with each other, and the station power, Space without blocking the place, two cars away from tens of kilometers can still contact.