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Handheld Radio Supplier:use of self-driving radio


     Today, many riders will be a variety of self-driving FB activities, there are many riders own colleagues, friends and relatives, friends travel together, so there will be communication between the vehicle needs, radio (radio or call ) Is a radio transceiver short, in the self-driving multi-car trip will play a very important role.
    Some friends may say that now have a mobile phone, why use radio! Let's talk about mobile phone communication in the multi-car travel in the lack of.
    1, the phone is generally one to one communication, multi-car travel is a one-to-many communication. The radio can be one-to-one, one-to-many communication.
    2, the phone will use a long time to produce a lot of communication costs, travel will generally cross the province, the city will produce a lot of roaming costs. Radio does not incur costs in communication.
    3, the phone does not signal the suburbs, mountains, communications networks can not cover the time, the phone is unable to work. Radio station does not need the station, the network will be able to communicate.

    4, the phone before each call need to dial the number, reflecting the speed as radio, the radio just press the PTT button (launch key) can call.

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