The use errors of handheld radio


      Some people listen to misinterpretation, that handheld radio can be bought everywhere, with the car, carry with, at any time use it, this is a lack of the most basic radio knowledge behavior. It is true that there are individual types of radio transmission equipment that do not need to apply for approval: one is the mobile radio phone, it is also a radio transceiver, but it takes up the frequency, equipment quality and other legal procedures and frequency occupancy Fees have been handled by the operators, manufacturers unified, the user purchase, the use of mobile phones do not need to repeat the application. 

      The second is the purchase, the use of the Ministry of Information Industry approved the "public walkie-talkie" without approval. The characteristics of this walkie-talkie can only work in a specific 20 frequency, the transmission power of 0.5 watts or less, and not allowed to use the approved antenna other than. The third is in line with the provisions of the Ministry of Information Industry wireless microphones, low-power cordless phones and radio remote control toys and other micro-power radio transmission equipment, the user does not need to be approved. Therefore, in addition to the above-mentioned various hand-held radios are required to apply for a license before use. Many places in China illegally use walkie-talkie (including individual users and hotels, construction sites, service sites, etc.) have been confiscated equipment, fines and other treatment, should be a lesson.



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