Handheld Radio Supplier:the use of handheld radio


      Handheld Radio, that is, each used in the handheld radio to use the words must be used in the same frequency, handheld radio is generally divided into host, antenna, headphones, batteries, linked to these parts.

      Some handheld radio are limited by the distance. Such as two handheld radio, the antenna is connected, ready, from left to right, the last knob clockwise rotation to open the handheld radio and then rotate the other knob frequency, two must be adjusted under the same frequency, the frequency There are 1-8, and some handheld radio and even more to see their favorite rotation.

       And then press the adjustment button (usually in the left side of the radio button on the left and right keys) hold down the radio light red, and then another radio indicator light will be green light. This time you can call, when the stop button when the call is interrupted. When the key is rotated clockwise, the sound will become larger.



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