The use skills of vehicle radio


       Although the use of vehicle radio is very simple, the control is also very convenient, ordinary users can quickly get started, but the use of vehicle radio there are some practical skills.

       1, when using the vehicle radio press the dialogue button, and then start talking. The language is concise and easy to understand and can accurately express the meaning to be expressed.

       2, vehicle radio dialogue volume To maintain the maximum volume, not free to adjust the volume.

       3, the best distance from the mouth of the radio when the radio interface is 20-30cm, each time you press the dialogue button dialogue can not exceed 1 minute.

       4, the use of civilized language dialogue, shall not use the walkie talkie, frolic or talk about the topic has nothing to do with the work.

       5, walkie-talkie to carry, to keep someone call timely response, no more than one call can be answered.

       6, when calling each other to express clearly who called, tell each other who you are, what to ask or what you need to help each other. The called party can not hear each other say something, let each other repeat or repeat what you have heard.

       7, when someone calls, no one answered, the called person's monitor or other walkie-talkie personnel to hear the prompt response, and asked what happened, and then told the called person.

       8, do not press the dialogue button to occupy the channel when not using the walkie-talkie, affecting the use of other personnel.

       9, all departments and workshops, each interphone to be assigned a person responsible for the operation of the workshop team to make the transfer. Anomalies should be promptly reported to the workshop or department, and then submitted to the Ministry of Infrastructure Equipment Repair or replacement report.

       10, intercom should not be placed in a large magnetic field (near the cabinet).

       11, found that there is no walkie-talkie or call a number of non-respondents fined 5 yuan, artificially damaged walkie-talkie to compensation according to price.



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