Affect the walkie talkie intercom call distance and the effect of the factors


The following factors will affect the walkie talkie intercom call distance and effectiveness.

1. System parameters

1) The stronger the transmitter output power is, the larger the coverage of the transmitted signal is and the longer the communication distance is. However, the transmitting power can not be too large, and the transmitting power is too large, which not only consumes power but also affects the life span of the power amplifier components. Moreover, the interference is strong, affecting the call effect of others and causing radiation pollution. The national radio regulatory agencies have clearly defined the transmit power of communications equipment.

2) The higher the receiver sensitivity, the farther the communication distance.

3) Antenna gain, antenna and machine matching, usually, the antenna height increases, the receiving or transmitting capabilities. Antennas for handheld walkie-talkies are typically helical antennas with smaller bandwidth and gain than other types of antennas and are more susceptible to human influences.

2. Environmental factors

The main environmental factors include the path, density of trees, environmental electromagnetic interference, buildings, weather conditions and topographic differences. These factors and other parameters directly affect the field strength and coverage of the signal.

3.Other factors

1) The battery is low, when the battery is low, the call quality will deteriorate. Serious, there will be noise, affecting the normal call.

2) Antenna matching, antenna frequency band and machine band are inconsistent, antenna impedance mismatch, will seriously affect the call distance. For the user, when changing the antenna, pay attention to tightening the antenna. In addition, you should not use the antenna not provided by the manufacturer or the antenna that does not conform to the frequency of the machine.



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