Precautions for using mobile radio


       First of all, there must be a good platform, but a good platform, it is better to have a good antenna, the last good antenna is better to have a good location, showing the location of a good radio for the importance of radio activities.

       Popular in the circle such a sentence, to signal the good communication, there are several conditions: first of all have a good platform, but a good platform, it is better to have a good antenna, the last good antenna better than a good location, good The importance of transmitting location for radio activity.

       1, do not use counterfeit antenna to ensure that the antenna itself has a VSWR below 1.5. And to ensure that the impedance, impedance matching; In addition to technical indicators can be guaranteed, the stable quality is crucial, once the quality of the antenna is not good, may lead to poor contact, burn, it would outweigh the benefits.

       2, not deviate from the radio transmitter module, and deviate from the center of the antenna frequency outside the launch, because the more deviation, the greater the standing wave. Not to use 400 megabits of antenna in 2 meters above the launch, the reverse can not.

       3, the use of car antenna before using the standing wave table, antenna analyzer to check the parameters of the antenna to ensure that the parameters can be used normally, the market has most of the imitation antenna is difficult to ensure a good resonance point, it is recommended that you own a station Wavetable, ready to detect standing wave and power conditions.

       4, often check the feeder out of the car there is no damage, if damaged recommended replacement, because it will cause leakage of radio waves, the formation of standing waves, endangering the human body. If it is broken, 100% can not be fired.

       5, the antenna can not be used down, standing wave after standing will be great, damage to the machine.

       6, the antenna can not be placed indoors, will cause high standing waves, but also harmful to human body.

       7, try not to always disassemble the antenna, as time goes by easily lead to poor contact with high standing waves, affecting the life of the machine.

       8, rainy day Note that the connector can not feed water, if the water, will also be standing wave high. Usually also pay attention to the joint inspection. There is no loose Kuang situation.

       9, the antenna feeder system is also crucial, try to use the "-5" around the feeder, most of the car damage is because the feeder interface problems bad machine.

       10, if it is a car-mounted machine, the rectifier on the car battery output voltage to ensure that in the following 15V. Usually you can use the meter to measure. It should be noted that: the flame when the voltage is generally about 12.5V, the voltage should be about 13.5V speed up, improve the speed of 3 千 转, as long as no more than 14V rectifier shows no problem. Radio will also be well protected.



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