How to operate the subwoofer of CHINA WALKIE TALKIE


    In the China WALKIE TALKIE design using sub-audio technology, the purpose is to avoid mutual interference of different users, to avoid listening to irrelevant calls and interference signals. Because it can be in the common channel to stop the voice and signaling interference from other users, it is also known as the sound lock.

    When the transmitter transmitter transmitter voice signal at the same time, along with the transmitter continue to send sub-audio continuous signal, after modulation in the same channel to launch out. When the receiver receives the carrier signal and sub-audio signal after the mediation. Sub-audio signal through the filter shaping input CPU to decode, and the local preset CTCSS (DCS) code to compare to determine whether to open the squelch circuit, only the same sub-audio code, the squelch circuit audio output to open Make a sound through the speaker. So it can block unwanted voice and other signaling interference from other users in the common channel. It can be said that it is through the sub-audio (digital sub-audio) signaling encoding and decoding to improve the communication network to resist external interference and to solve non-network users access network identification system. At the same time CTCSS (DCS) has a selective call function, the use of continuous single-tone encoding (digital coding) to select the call, and always and the transmission of voice signals at the same time is also the most effective way of selective call.

    The main call as long as the PTT will be able to issue a group call or full call, when the radio after the end of the call without the need to hang up, compared with the telephone interconnection method of artificial code call (DTMF) to be simple, convenient and fast. When the tone is transmitted, the receiver is set to the "non-tone reception state" and can be received. When the "Tone reception state" is set, the tone type must be the same, and the subtle code can be received.



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